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The Cosentino Group Present at the National Day of Spain at the Expo Milano 2015

The global leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for solutions for the world of architecture and design, the Cosentino Group was present at the National Day celebrations that took place this week in Spain’s Pavilion at the Expo Milano 2015.

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As a collaborating company for the construction of Spain’s Pavilion – managed by Acción Cultural Española – representatives of the multinational, and part of the delegation, participated in the official act led by Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy.  The Cosentino Group was represented by Pilar Martínez-Cosentino Alfonso, Managing Director; Álvaro de la Haza, Corporate Secretary Director; Santiago Alfonso, Marketing and Communications Director and Roberto Franceschin, Country Manager for Cosentino Italy.

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The Cosentino Group, which currently distributes its products in over 80 countries and has its own assets in 26 of them, shares the values and core philosophy of both the Expo as well as the proposal put forward by Spain.  Food, gastronomy, efficiency of resources, design and technological innovation are also essential areas of activity for this company from Almería.

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As a result of this commitment, the Cosentino Group has collaborated in the construction and decoration of the Pavilion, designed by the b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos architecture studio, by offering its materials, in particular its ultra-compact surface Dekton®.  Cosentino provided almost 1,000m2 of this innovative material for various uses and in different sizes and finishes, as well as basins made from its leading Silestone® surface.

Visitors to Spain’s Pavilion had the chance to appreciate the Dekton® flooring in the public area, exhibition space, multi-purpose room, vegetable garden, and in the workshop and restaurant areas.  It was also used for worktops (a tapas bar counter, the counter of the bar of the auditorium and the counter of the bar in the VIP area) as well as for the staircase leading to the restaurant on the second floor.

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Many of these locations will be the main focus areas of the Pavilion during the days to mark the Week of Spain that will host various activities such as “Innovation and Culinary Excellence” – offered by the Basque Culinary Center and Acción Cultural Española – bringing to Milan some of Spain’s most internationally renowned chefs.

Cosentino also participated with one of the most attractive and innovative interior design ideas of the Pavilion: the recreation of the tomato genome on Dekton® slabs used for the flooring in the exhibition space and public areas on the ground floor.

The architecture studio b720 selected 2cm Dekton® slabs in the colour Zenith to help them achieve this design milestone, and etched onto them – using an inkjet printing technique – the DNA sequence in letters as well as a drawing of a tomato in various shades of grey.  This is made possible as Dekton® allows for total customisation of designs, making it the perfect partner for designers and architects around the world.  The cutting-edge inkjet technology – unique in the stone industry – can be used to print any design required by professionals.



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