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Cosentino Launches Dekton XGloss at KBB Birmingham

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New Dekton® XGloss in Lumina

The world leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, the Cosentino Group launched its exciting new Dekton® XGloss line of surfaces at KBB Birmingham this week.

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New Dekton® XGloss in Halo

New to the Dekton® by Cosentino range for 2016, XGloss is an innovative line of high-tech premium polished surfaces available in five stunning colours; Lumina, Blaze, Halo, Spectra and Splendor, which will add reflective qualities to any area the ultracompact surface is applied to. Thanks to its mirror-like qualities, this new line can help enhance any space, making it seem bigger and brighter; perfect for use on kitchen worktops and bathroom surfaces.

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New Dekton® XGloss in Blaze

The dazzling brightness of Dekton® XGloss is achieved through an advanced nanotechnological treatment and mechanical polishing process which creates an extraordinary, illuminated and crystal-like shine. This impressive new line benefits from the strength and stain resistance of the Dekton ultracompact surface, creating a product of exceptional performance with unique characteristics. No other similar surface achieves this combination of aesthetics with technical performance.

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New Dekton® XGloss in Splendor

To achieve this new line, the Cosentino Group’s Research and Development Department developed the pioneering and exclusive nanotechnology treatment named ‘Nanocoating Process’. This technology gives Dekton® XGloss unique hidrofugant (water repellent) properties creating an extraordinary resistance to stains without changing any other properties of the material nor adding any external protection to coat the surface.

The ‘Nanocoating Process’ and mechanical polishing enhances Dekton®’s colour, giving an exceptional shine – encouraging direct touch to fully enjoy the surface.

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New Dekton® XGloss in Spectra

Dekton® XGloss is designed for use in a variety of applications. Due to its nature and technology, the surface maintains an excellent resistance to stains as well as UV rays, allowing for both indoor and outdoor applications, and together with large format options provides immense creative possibilities to architects and designers. Dekton by Cosentino comes with a 10-year warranty.


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